If you haven’t finalised your registration fees, please do so this week. 
For all newcomers to Maryborough Basketball the names detailed in the weekly draw are the rostered referrees and those rostered on the score bench. The first two names shown are the referees. The remaining names are on the scorebench.


3.30 pm Mini and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55 pm Half Court  G. Gallagher K. Brown

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium  Riverside v Dream Catchers   N. Kingston K. Brown K. Wilson A.  Gallagher
Court 1   Phoenix v Galaxy   G. Gallagher T. Morrison S. Gibson B. Kingston

5.25 pm Under 13
Stadium  Hornets v Sunnies  K. Brown N. Kingston B. Morton D. Morrison
Court 1   Sapphires v Saints  K. King K. Gibson Nath Lutero E. Fishleigh

6.05 pm Under 14
Stadium  Force v Hot Shots C. Welsh T. Johnson E. Gallagher Neil Lutero
Court 1   Mischiefs v Riverside  K. Gibson G. Gallagher B. Simpson

6.45 pm Girls
Stadium   Elect Angels v Amethysts C. Welsh N.  Kingston   G. Laviano R. Hard
Court 1     Devils v Riverside  K. Gibson T. Johnson T. Sten M. Evers

7.25 pm  Under 16
Stadium   Spinners v Riverside  C. Welsh N. Kingston L. Stevenson K. Bryant
Court 1    Wallaroos v Anonymous   E. Roberts T. Johnson N. Psalia  A. Dodd

8.00 pm  Under 18
Stadium   Riverside Gators v Limitless   C .Welsh N. Kingston S. Hose C. Hard

8.40 pm Under 18
Stadium   Riverside Crocs v St Marys   N. Kingston E. Alloway C. Tarlinton C. Brown

Byes  U 12 Bouncers   U 16 Kings  U 18 T.M.s