DRAW For FRIDAY March 31
Any queries re Friday Draw please contact 41221857

There will be no games next week   Games will resume April 21

3.30 PM Mini and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55pm Half Court T. Morrison K. Brown

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium Dream Catchers v Phoenix L. Calleja T. Morrison B. Morton E. Fishleigh
Court 1 Riverside v Bouncers K. Brown G. Gallagher Z. Miles M. Kokkin
Court 2 Galaxy v Rockets K. King C. Griffin N. Lutero Nat Lutero

5.30 pm Under 13
Stadium Saints v Sapphires K. King G. Gallagher B. Morton R. Wilcox
Court 1 Hornets v Comets K. Gibson T. Morrison S. Gibson R. Hard

6.10 pm Under 14
Stadium Riverside v Mischiefs C . Welsh K. Gibson  E. Gallagher S. Sheppard.
Court 1 Force v Hot Shots G. Gallagher T. Johnson K. Bryant J. Lyons

6.50 pm Girls
Stadium Elect Angel v Amethysts C. Welsh K. Gibson  E. Gallagher C. Fishleigh
Devils win on a forfeit from Riverside

7.30 pm Under 16
Stadium Kings v Wallaroos C. Welsh T. Johnson T. Morrison R. Wilcox
Please note No outdoor games for Under 16 game being played indoor at 8.10

8.10 pm Under 16
Stadium Anonymous v Riverside C. Welsh E. Roberts K. Bryant  M. Evers

No games for Under 18 this week
Riverside forfeit to St.Marys and T Ms