2018 Winter Season

Draw – Week 7 – Friday 23rd March

Play 3 on 3 for the Easter Break. Details on the website and Facebook.

3.30 – 4.40pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Stadium   K Brown, B Peters, A Smith, S Holmes
Court Supervisor – Anita Morrison & Kylie                                                                                                                            

4.00pm Under 12
Court 1: Bouncers v Galaxy
Referees: <K.King (Leah Gleich – Shadow), C.Oakenfull> Scorebench: Parents
Court 2: Riverside v Little Rascals
Referees: <C.Welsh, D.Morrison> Scorebench: Parents

4.45 pm Under 14
Stadium: Huskies v Hornets
Referees: <K.Brown (C.Jensen – Shadow), T.Morrison>  Scorebench: Parents
Court 1: Bouncers v Warriors
Referees: <C.Welsh, T.Johnston> Scorebench: Parents
Court 2: Saints v Riverside
Referees: <K.King (K.Wilson – Shadow), D.Morrison> Scorebench: Parents

5.30 pm Girls
Stadium: Dreamcatchers v Electric Angels
Referees: <B.Peters, C.Welsh> Scorebench: Electric Angels
Court 1: Amethysts v Warriors
Referees: <C.Holebrook, T.Johnston> Scorebench: Amethysts
Court Supervisor – Nshara Kingston & Bev Norman

6.15pm Under 16
Stadium: Riverside v Cavaliers
Referees: <K.Brown, D.Weedon> Scorebench: Cavaliers
Court 1: Anonymous v Rockets
Referees: <C.Holebrook, B.Peters> Scorebench: Panthers
U16 Bye: Panthers

7.00 pm 18 & Under
Storm v Riverside
Referees: <D.Weedon, K.King> Scorebench: Cyclones
Court 1: St Marys v Milktops
Referees: <D.Alloway, N.Kingston> Scorebench: Milktops

7.45 pm 18 & Under                                                                                                                                                                       Stadium: Cyclones v Wolves
Referees: <C.Holebrook, D.Alloway> Scorebench: Riverside