Senior Summer Basketball Draw – Week 6
Commencing 27/08/2018

Team Referee duties will take place from next week (Monday 2nd September). Each team will be nominated a duty. Each team must supply 1 referee to do that Referee duty, failure to do so will result in loss of competition points or other penalties.

Players are reminded to organise their own score bench duties.  Failure to do duties will result in the loss of a competition point.  If you are a ref and away for any length of time, please contact the draw organiser on 0406908818 so you are not put down for duties.

MONDAY 27.08.18
6:15 WA  All Stars v Panthers  K.Brown T.Axelsen  3x SCORERS ZODIACS
7:05 WA  Bouncers v Zodiacs  N.Kingston B.Peters  3x SCORERS PANTHERS

TUESDAY 28.08.18
6:15 WB  Eagles v Sapphires  K.King B.Peters  3x SCORERS TRY HARDS
7:05 WB  Pink Panthers v Try Hards  C.Holebrook K.Brown  3x SCORERS EAGLES

WEDNESDAY 29.08.18
6:00 MENS  Jets v Total Package  J.Hannel J.Braund  3x SCORERS ELITES
6:50 MENS  Elites v High Flyers  S.Holmes K.Brown  3x SCORERS TROPICS
7:40 MENS  Tropics v Dermatech Dragons  A.Potter D.Weedon  3x SCORERS HIGH FLYERS

THURSDAY 30.08.18
6:15 WC  Comeback Queens v Revellers  R.Cunningham K.Brown  2x SCORERS HORNETS
7:05 WC  Cobras v Hornets  D.Braund B.Peters  2x SCORERS COMEBACK QUEENS

NB Players must be registered before taking the court.  A forfeit notification must be given before 12pm game day or a loss of competition point will occur. Contact Kirsty on 0406908818 if your team needs to forfeit.  All players must have correct uniform with correct number or penalty will occur.