DRAW For FRIDAY   Aug 11

Players are reminded:  Rostered duties must be done or face a one game suspension. All Registrations must be finalised by August 11. Players taking the court MUST TICK THEIR NAME ON THE SCORE SHEET OTHERWISE GAME WILL NOT BE RECORDED FOR FINALS.

3.30 pm Mini and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55 pm Half Court
T .Morrison L.Calleja

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium Bouncers 2 v Galaxy   L.Calleja C. Griffin E.Fishleigh B Morton
Court 1 Bouncers 1 v Phoenix   v T. Morrison K Brown  N.&.N.Lutero

5.30 pm Under 13
Stadium  Sapphires v Hornets K .King N .Kingston K. Wilson J .Lyons
Court 1 Saints v Dream catchers G. Gallagher  T.Morrison S.gibson H. Bensley

6.10 pm Under 14
Stadium Mischiefs v Force C .Welsh E,Roberts E . & C.Gallagher
Court 1 Riverside v Hot Shots G Gallagher T .Johnson L .Jones L.Stevenson

6.50 pm Girls
Stadium Riverside V Devils C. Welsh N.Kingston T .Roberts K. Moore
Court 1 Angels v Amethysts G.Gallagher T. Johnson T. Sten Neil Lutero

7.30 pm Under 16
Stadium Wallaroos v Riverside C. Welsh N. Kingston D .Wain N.Nehow
Court 1 Cavaliers v Gladiators E .Roberts   D .Kertlan R .Bolderrow L. Jones

8.10 pm Under 18
Stadium St.Marys v Riverside Gators v C .Welsh D.Weeden N.Mc Keough T. Morrison
Court 1 Limitless v RCC Crocs D.Kertlan N .Kingston B. Robertson M. evers

8.50 pm Under 18
Stadium TM v Wallaroos D.Weeden N. Kingston K. Bryant L. Stevenson

Byes: U13 Riverside Under 16 Anonymous