Players are reminded to organise their own replacement if they cannot fulfil their duties. If you are away for any length of time please contact the draw organiser on 0406908818 so you are not put down for duties.

Maryborough Basketball
Draw Week 4 – 
Commencing 07/08/2017

MONDAY 07.08.17
6:15 WA Zodiacs v Panthers N.Kingston J.Stewart S.Morris C.Corcoran K.Lourigan
7:05 WA All Stars v Bouncers T.Axelsen T.Johnson H.Carmichael S.Carmichael B.Cameron

TUESDAY 08.08.17
6:15 WB Eagles v Gems E.Alloway D.Alloway K.Dodd M.Kersnovske C.Gallagher
7:05 WB Try Hards v Hot Shots M.Best N.Jocumsen E.Cullen S.Sheppard E.Gallagher

WEDNESDAY 09.08.17
6:00 MENS Ravens v Bombers D.Weeden K.Appleyard N.Bennett J.Bennett C.Blackwood
6:50 MENS Heat v Tropics P.Maloney P.Morgan A.Beresford D.Tape T.Morrison
7:40 MENS Delivery Men v Dermatec Dragons D.Weeden C.Vaughn D.Jocumsen J.Jocumsen J.Armstrong-Green
8:30 MENS Hooligans v Total Package R.Hose F.McCarthy T.Gaffel T.Head R.Skuse
BYE Roadrunners        

THURSDAY 10.08.17
6:15 WC Hornets v Panthers E.Alloway R.Cunningham J.Nicholson S.Bradford
7:05 WC Wildcats v Revellers E.Alloway K.Brown C.Sutherland L.Kernke

NB Penalties will apply to non-financial players, rostered duties not being done and incorrect uniform. A forfeit fee of $20 applies if notification is not given by 12pm on day of play. Please contact Elva on 41221857 if your team cannot play.