Come learn to referee basketball at our FREE referee training course on Saturday 25 February, 9am at the Stadium.  Open to all players (Junior and Senior), Parents and interested persons.  No need to RSVP – just turn up.  Bring your own pen and paper. 


3.30 pm Mini and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55 pm Half Court  G. Gallagher K. Brown

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium Riverside v  Bouncers  N. Kingston  K. Brown  B. Morton  B. Kingston
Court 1 Phoenix v Dream Catchers  G. Gallagher  C. Griffin  K. Bryant  Nat Lutero
Court 2. Galaxy v Rockets   T.  Morrison  K. King  S. Gibson  N. Lutero

5.25 pm Under 13
Stadium Saints v Sunnies  K. Gibson N. Kingston  B. Morton J. Lyons
Court 1 Sapphires v Hornets  K. King G. Gallagher  S. Gibson  D. Morrison

6.05 pm Under 14
Stadium Riverside v Hot Shots  C. Welsh  K. Gibson  E. Gallagher  L. Stevenson
Court 1 Mischiefs v Force   G. Gallagher  T. Johnson  B. Simpson  B. Welsh

6.45 pm Girls
Stadium Elect Angels v Devils  C. Welsh  N. Kingston    N. Mc Keough  R. Wilcox
Court 1 Amethysts v Riverside  K. Gibson  T. Johnson  C. Fishleigh  C. Dries

7.25 pm Under 16
Stadium Kings v Wallaroos  C. Welsh N. Kingston  C. Hard  N. Kawazuru
Court 1 Riverside v Anonymous  E. Roberts  T. Johnson  J. Simpson  J. Crawford

8.00 pm Under 18
Stadium   Riverside Crocs v T.M.s  C. Welsh  N. Kingston  D. Wain  R. Bolderow

8.40 pm Under 18
Stadium Riverside Gators v St Marys   N. Kingston  S. Hose  B. Simpson  T. Morrison

Byes U 16 U Spinners 18 Limitless