Welcome back players to our new season.  Rostered duties must be done or face a one game suspension.  All Registrations must be finalised by August 11.

3.30 pm Mini and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55 pm Half Court T .Morrison K. Brown

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium Phoenix v Galaxy K .Brown K .King B Morton Z.Miles
Court 1 Bouncers v Rockets T. Morrison L.Calleja K.Wilson C .Jensen

5.30 pm Under 13
Stadium  Sapphires v Riverside K .Brown N .Kingston C .Griffin D. Morrison
Court 1 Hornets v Dream catchers G. Gallagher L .Calleja S. Gibson N. Lutero

6.10 pm Under 14
Stadium Mischiefs v Hot Shots C .Welsh K. Brown E .Gallagher C Gallagher
Court 1 Riverside v Force E. Roberts T .Johnson C .Farmer R Ezzy

6.50 pm Girls
Stadium Devils v Amethysts C. Welsh G .Gallagher T. Roberts R .Wilcox
Court 1 Angels v Riverside G .Gallagher T. Morrison M .Evers B. Van Gelder

7.30 pm Under 16
Stadium Cavaliers v  Riverside C. Welsh E. Roberts D. Wain B. Tarlinton
Court 1 Wallaroos v Anonymous N Kingston D. Kertland   C .Hard L .Jones

8.10 pm Under 18
Stadium RCC Crocs v St.Marys C .Welsh D .Weeden N. Psalia L. Stevenson
Court TM 1 v Riverside Gators   K.Brown N .Kingston B.Robertson M. Evers

8.50 pm
Wallaroos Limitless L .Calleja D. Weeden J. Simpson T. Sten

Bye U 12 Saints