Draw for Friday November 10

4.00 pm Biddy Ball and Mini Ball end of season function
4.30 pm Under 12 end of season Fun Games and function

SEMI FINALS   All Grades

5.15 pm Under 13
Stadium 3 v 4 Riverside v DreamCatchers. L.Callleja B. Peters B. Mortonn Z. Miles
Court 1 1 v 2 Saints v Sapphires K.King K. Brown Nat Lutero C. Dries

6.00 pm Under 14
Stadium 3v4 Riverside v Force   C.Welsh   L. Calleja S. Sheppard L .Kokkin
Court 1 1v2 Hot Shots v Mischiefs G Gallagher T Johnson E.Gallagher R.Ezzy

6.50 pm Girls
Stadium 3v4 Devils v Riverside C .Welsh B Peters T .Roberts C. Dries
Court 1 1 v 2 Angels v Amethysts G. Gallagher T .Johnson . N. Mc keough J. Horvarth

7.40 pm under 16
Stadium 3v4  Anonymous v Cavaliers D. Weeden C. Welsh M. Evers K. Moore

8.30 pm Under 16
Stadium 1 v 2 Wallaroos v Riverside   D.Weeden B. Peters T. Morrison D. Morrison

Sunday 5 November   5.30 pm Under 18 Prelim Final
TMT v Limitless D. Weeden B. Peters

Wednesday Nov 15 Under 18 Grand final