DRAW For FRIDAY November 3

Legend: Blue=Referees   Green=Scorebench


Biddy  Ball
3.55pm Half Court S. Hall L Calleja

Semi Finals for U13- U16 will start next week

4.45 pm Under 12
Stadium Galaxy v   Bouncers 2 K .Brown K .King . B Morton Z .Miles
Court 1 Bouncers 1v Phoenix   L Calleja C .Dries Nat Lutero

5.30 pm Under 13
Stadium Hornets v Sapphires K .Brown K .King.  B. Van Gelder R. Hard
Court 1 Dream Catchers v Saints B. Peters    K .Wilson E. Fishleigh

6.10 pm Under 14
Stadium Hot shots v Mischiefs K .King C. Welsh E .Gallagher Jayden .Lyons
Court 1 Riverside v Force T .Johnson G Gallagher R .Ezzy S Sheppard

6.50 pm Girls
Stadium Angels v Riverside C. Welsh L .Calleja D .Morrison R. Wilcox
Court 1 Amethysts v Devils G .Gallagher T .Johnson M.E vers J. Yull

7.20 pm Under 16
Stadium Gladiators v Riverside C. Welsh L .Calleja  D .Wain    N.Psalia
Court 1 Anonymous v Wallaroos T .Johnson B. Peters   R Bolderrow   K .Bryant

Under 18 Semi Finals will start this week.  The preliminary Final will be played on Sunday 5  at 5.30pm which will be the loser of 1&2 to play the Winner of 3&4.  The Final will be played Wednesday 15  at 5.30 pm   All teams have been notified and agree. These changes will accommodate players involved in formals and school finish on Nov 17.

8.00 pm Under 18   Semi final
St.Marys v Limitless   (1& 2 )    C .Welsh D . Weeden   N.&.Q Mc Keough

8.40 pm Under 18
T M v Storm ( 3&4) D. Weeden B.Peters L .Stevenson l  T.Roberts