Semi Finals start 1st June, Prelim finals 8th June, Grand Finals 16th June. Leader board Attached.  Grand Final Frenzy Friday will include some shooting games and prizes. If you aren’t in the final there will be competitions for you to participate in.

2018 Winter Season

Draw – Week 10 – 4th May

Court Supervisor – Anita Morrison & Kylie                                                                                        

3.30 – 4.45pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Stadium   S Holmes, C Evers, M Evers, M Wilson

4.00 pm Under 12
Court 1: Riverside v Little Rascals
Referees: C.Welsh, D.Morrison Scorebench: Parents
Court 2: Galaxy v Bouncers
Referees: T.Johnston, C.Oakenfull Scorebench:Parents

4.45 pm Under 14
Stadium: Hornets v Riverside
Referees: C.Welsh, T.Morrison Scorebench: Parents
Court 1:   Warriors v Huskies
Referees: K Brown (C.Jensen Shadow), C.Oakenfull Scorebench:Parents
Court 2: Bouncers v Saints
Referees: T.Johnston, D.Morrison Scorebench:Parents

5.30 pm Girls
Stadium: Amethysts v Warriors
Referees: <<L.Calleja, C.Holebrook> > Scorebench: Warriors
Court 1: Dreamcatchers v Electric Angels
Referees: <<C.Welsh, T.Johnston> > > Scorebench:   Dream Catchers          

Court Supervisor – Nshara Kingston

6.15 pm Under 16
Stadium: Rockets v Riverside
Referees: B.Peters, C.Holebrook Scorebench: Riverside
Court 1: Cavaliers v Panthers
Referees: L.Calleja, K.Brown Scorebench: Panthers
U16 Bye: Anonymous

7.00 pm 18 & Under
Storm v   Riverside
Referees: <<D.Weedon, L.Calleja> Scorebench: Cyclones
Court 1: Milktops v St Marys
Referees: <<K.Brown, B.Peters Scorebench: Wolves

7.45 pm 18 & Under
Cyclones v Wolves
Referees: <C.Holebrook, D.Weedon> Scorebench: Milktops