2018 Winter Season

Draw – Week 1 – Friday 9 February

Please note all players must have registered and paid online via our Website, by lunchtime Friday, to be able to take the court.

The draw has been developed according to the teams/players nominated as at 4 Feb 2018. Additional teams and players will still be accepted. Please contact the draw organiser on 0400 101 731 by Thursday if you wish to nominate.

This year team names or parents will be listed to score not specific player names. There will be experienced people available to help and to teach new people. Competition points will be deducted for not supplying a scorer.

3.30 – 4.30pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Stadium  Coaches, K King, K. Brown,

4.00 pm Under 12
Court 1: Bouncers v Little Rascals
Referees: C. Welsh, B. Peters Scorebench: Parent (Taylor Morrison to assist)
U12 Bye: Riverside

4.45 pm Under 14
Stadium: Bouncers v Hornets
Referees: C. Welsh, K. King Scorebench: Bouncers (Dalton Morrison to assist)
Court 1: Huskies v Riverside
Referees: K. Brown, T. Morrison Scorebench: Riverside
U14 Bye: Warriors

5.30 pm Girls
Stadium: Amethysts v Electric Angels
Referees: L. Calleja, C. Holebrook Scorebench: Electric Angels
Girls Bye: Dream Catchers

6.15pm Under 16
Stadium: Anonymous v Cavaliers
Referees:  K. King, C. Holebrook Scorebench: Anonymous
Court 1: Panthers v Riverside
Referees: B. Peters, K. Gibson Scorebench: Riverside          
U16 Bye: Rockets

7.00 pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Cyclones v Milktops
Referees: K. Brown, K. Gibson  Scorebench: Milktops
Court 1: St Marys v Storm
Referees: D.Weedon, N. Kingston Scorebench: St Marys
Court 2: Wolves v Riverside
Referees: B. Peters, K. King Scorebench: Riverside