Draw for Friday February 10


  1. Welcome old and new players to this season of basketball.
  2. The draw has been done according to the teams nominated.  Additional teams and players will still be accepted.
  3. Pease contact the draw organiser on 4122 1857 by next Friday if you wish to nominate.
  4. Team Lists will be displayed at the Stadium

3.30 pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
3.55 pm Half Court  G. Gallagher  K. Brown

4.40 pm Under 12
Stadium   Galaxy v Riverside  N. Kingston  K. Brown  B. Moreton  K.Wilson
Court 1 Bouncers v Dream Catchers  G. Gallagher  T. Morrison  M. Richardson

5.20 pm Under 13
Stadium  Hornets v Saints  G. Gallagher  K. Gibson  C. Jensen  Nat Lutero

6.00 pm Under 14
Stadium  Mischiefs v Hot Shots  C. Welsh  T. Johnson  N. Lutero  B. Simpson
Court 1  Force v Riverside  G. Gallagher  K. Gibson  J. Lyons  S. Hewitt

6.40 pm Girls
Stadium  Elect Angles v Riverside  C. Welsh  N. Kingston  N. McKeough  T. Roberts
Court 1  Amethysts v Devils  K. Gibson  T. Johnson  C. Griffen  A. Braund

7.20 pm Under 16
Stadium  Spinners v Anonymous  C. Welsh  N. Kingston  D. Wain  R. Bolderow
Court 1  Wallaroos v Riverside  T. Johnson  E. Roberts  T. Morrison  J. Murray

8.00 pm Under 18 
Stadium  T.M’s Team  v St Mary’s  N.Kingston  C. Welsh  F. Wain  C. Tarlinton

Byes:  U13 Sapphires   U 18 Riverside