Stadium Bookings Terms and Conditions


The K.M. Pearson Stadium is available for bookings from Association Members and Community Groups.  These Terms and Conditions of Stadium Hire outline the responsibilities of hirers when booking the stadium.


Access to Association Members is provided via a  key safe which is located to the right of the office door.   When booking the stadium you will receive the code to open the key safe.  Lift the rubber cover up and key in the code to open and to lock the key away. The key is attached to the key safe face plate. Use the key to open the padlock and door of the Office.

A member of the Association will assist Community Groups to access and close the stadium after use.  Regular users may be provided access to the Key Safe Code in order to gain self entry.

Note the Key Safe code is changed regularly.  All users provided the Key Safe Code agree to not pass on the code to others and to ensure they lock the key in the keysafe when closing the stadium after use. 


Fees are $20 per hour for Association Members – e.g. Members registered through SportsTG.  The fee for all other users is $30 per hour.  Note that longer bookings e.g. day use may incur extra charges for cleaning.

All users are requested to pay on arrival by placing money in a yellow envelope with your name & date written on it with correct money inside. Place envelope in Silver money safe on the post near the fire hose. Envelopes are located at the scoresheet table.  Community Groups may be offered an invoice by prior arrangement.

Security, Cleanliness and Closing Procedure

All users are responsible for ensuring that the stadium is fully secured at the conclusion of their booking.  Please close all louvres and doors and turn off all lights and fans on completion of your Booking.

Please run the scissor mop over the floor to prepare the court for the next user.

To lock up – please exit via the office door, locking the door by pushing in the button on door handle and locking with the barrel bolt and padlock.


Hirers are responsible for ensuring that all damages and breakages are reported to the Association.  

There is to be No dunking or grabbing of the rings or nets.

All damages caused by the hirer will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Contact Details

For assistance with Bookings, please contact 0400 708 037.  Other issues/damage reports, etc should be emailed to

Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply with any aspect of the above terms and conditions of hire may result in the hirer being banned from further hire of the stadium.