We are pleased to announce that Stadium Bookings are now being taken via the website again now that we have entered into relaxed Stage 3 COVID restrictions.  To make a booking simply go to https://www.maryboroughbasketball.com/stadium-bookings/

A Calendar showing existing bookings (less fixtures) is provided along with a booking request form.  Please note that Terms & Conditions apply to Stadium Bookings and these have been included below the Calendar/Booking Form.

We ask those booking the stadium to note that the booking process is manual and may take up to 24 hours to process.  We kindly ask that you provide a least 24 hours of your booking in order to avoid disappointment.  No booking will be taken for the period 10pm to 7am each night so that we can continue to maintain a harmonious relationship with our neighbours.

The Association is pleased to re-open the stadium for private training, etc after the extended shut down due to COVID-19.  We ask that all persons booking the stadium continue to adhere to safe COVID-19 practices when using the stadium privately.