Teams are reminded to organise their own score bench duties. Failure to do duties will result in the loss of a competition point. If you are a ref and away for any length of time, please contact the draw organiser on 0406908818 so you are not put down for duties.

Maryborough Basketball
Senior Draw – Week 7 – Commencing 02/09/2019

MONDAY 02.09.19

6:15 WA Bouncers v Panthers T.Cox K.Brown 3x SCORERS RIM REAPERS
7:05 WA Zodiacs v Rim Reapers T.Cox N.Young 3x SCORERS BOUNCERS

TUESDAY 03.09.19

6:15 WB Sapphires v Panthers S.Kakouris D.Alloway  3x SCORERS EAGLES
7:05 WB Bench Warmers v Eagles K.King L.Gleich 3x SCORERS SAPPHIRES

WEDNESDAY 04.09.19

6:00 MENS Drop Outs v The Tribe T.Cox M.Gray 3x SCORERS ICE
6:50 MENS High Flyers v Ice K.Brown A.Potter 3x SCORERS THE TRIBE
7:40 MENS Rockets v Knights K.Brown L.Calleja 3x SCORERS HIGH FLYERS

THURSDAY 05.09.19

6:15 WC Comeback Queens v T’s & B’s D.Alloway B.Peters 2x SCORERS TRY HARDS
7:05 WC The Tribe v Try Hards S.Kakouris A.Raguse 2x SCORERS T’s & B’s

NB Players must be registered before taking the court. A forfeit notification must be given before 12pm game day or a loss of competition point will occur. Contact Kirsty on 0406908818 if your team needs to forfeit. All players must have correct uniform with correct number or penalty will occur.