Maryborough Basketball
Grand Finals

Saturday 23.06.18

3.00 pm MB MB Tropics v Total Package D.Weedon J.Hannel K.Brown L.Gleich E.Gallagher
4.00 pm WC Hornets v Panthers B.Peters T.Axelsen (D.Alloway) A.Smith A.Kratzmann
5.00 pm U10  Exhibition Game
5.15 pm Unveiling of Magic Mural & Presentation
5.30 pm WB Gems v Hot Shots C.Holebrook C.Welsh R.Hatherell P.Hatherell L.Lyons
6.30 pm Welcome to Life Members & Presentation
6.40 pm Fun Shooting game
6.45 pm U12 Exhibition game
7.00 pm MA Jets v High Flyers D.Weedon L.Calleja J.Kakouris S.Kakouris T.Johnson
8.00 pm WA Panthers v Bouncers D.Weedon C.Holebrook R.Bolderow D.Wain M.Evers