croppedimage600300-setwidth920-rulesThese updated rules are derived from changes to the FIBA Rules and shall apply to the Maryborough Basketball Association commencing in the 2009 Winter Competition.   For further information regarding these rules see the Maryborough Basketball Association Referee Educator, Ray Alloway at the Stadium.

1 (a) Player falls & slides on floor while holding the ball is now not a violation.  Also (b) It is legal for a player lying on the floor to gain possession.  In these two cases the player cannot roll (body) or stand while holding the ball but he/she could start a dribble or pass.

2,  Ball goes into front court from the backcourt via a dribbler.  The dribbler must have both feet and the ball into the front court to determine front court status of player location.  This interpretation applies only to the dribbler not the passer.

3.  Ball returned to backcourt.  It is now not a violation if a player jumps from his front court, establishes a new team control in mid air and lands in his back court.  This situation could occur immediately after the tap on the opening ball jump.

4. To deliberately throw the ball against the backboard is now classed as a dribble.

5.  Player accidently scoring in the wrong basket will be 2 points (no matter from where the shot was taken).  The points count to the captain of the other team.

6.  From a backcourt throw in, Team A is advancing the ball to the front court (8 seconds) when a held ball is called.  If Team A gets ball back (possession arrow) Team A has only what is left of the 8 second count to advance to the front court.  The official should, on handling the ball (for throw in) advise how many seconds remain eg 3 seconds.  The same procedure applies following tap out by defence in back court.

7.  Subsititution opportunities exist for both teams after successful last free throw or when basket interference is called.  Previous restrictions now do not apply.