Registrations are now open for the 2021 Summer Season.  

Junior Competition Starts – Friday 16 July 2021
Senior Competition Starts – Tuesday 13 July 2021

Please note that all players must be registered to take the court.

To Register go to and click on the Red REGISTER button in the top right of the Menu Bar.  You will be taken to a registration page with a summary of registration products and fees and a link to start the registration process (see screenshot below).


  1. We have a variety of registration options each of which uses a separate registration link with specific registration products.
  2. To help avoid confusion our registration process will ask you number of simple questions to help determine which registration links and products are most appropriate for your circumstances.  We started this Question and Answer process last season and it seemed to be pretty well received so we are continuing its use this season. 
  3. Because there are different registration links for different types of registrations please ensure you follow the Q & A process on our website.
  4. You will need to do this for each different type of registration you are making.  For example if you are registering a child in U10 and another in the Junior Competition you will need to register them separately as they use different registration links.  This applies to Juniors playing in Seniors and for Under 10s playing up in the Under 12 Competition.  Please do not attempt to make multiple registrations on the same form for different types of registration as the correct registration fees will not be applied.
  5. This does not apply to standard Junior and Senior Registrations and you may make multiple registrations on the same form for these types of registrations e.g.  You may register 2 or more junior players on the same form; or 2 or more senior players on the same form.
  6. For Qld Government Fair Play Voucher holders registered last season – your registration remains current for the 2021 Summer Season and the Association will manually update your registration details for you. You need take no further action.  If you have a new Fair Play Voucher you will need to go through the online registration process. 

If you have any questions about registration or you need some assistance please do not hesitate to contact the association by email at