If you see Officials and Umpires wearing this shirt then it’s important for you to know that:

they are beginners 

As with any ‘learner’ they may make mistakes.  Give them a chance to develop their  skills without harassment and abuse.  They are doing their best.

**Be helpful and give constructive feedback to you sport via the correct channels.
** Help us to help you by supporting our officials and umpires.


Use positive language to support and show praise


Most sports have difficulty in recruiting, training and retaining officials.  Between 1997 and 2001, the number of officials in Australian sport dropped 26%.  A recent survey conducted by the Australian Sports Commission identified that harassment, abuse and lack of respect for officials were major causes of the declining number of people officiating.

Aims of the Coloured Shirt Program

Make new officials easily identifiable, so that they are easy to recognise and support.

  • Promote this program to the sports community to raise awareness and increase the recognition and support of new officials.
  • Assist is reducing pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new officials
  • Create a culture of support to these new officials via the education of players, spectators, coaches and media about Code of Conduct, Play by the Rules, Sideline Rage and Sports Rage.