Dear Member

I am writing to you in advance of the Maryborough Basketball Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held in the Clubrooms on Friday 1 Oct at 5.30pm. I hope to see many of you there.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you about, and to seek your opinion on, an offer by Basketball Queensland (BQ) for our Association to re-affiliate with them. Many of you will know about this from courtside discussion.

A decision on this matter will be made by the Committee at a meeting to be held after the AGM. The upcoming AGM therefore provides an excellent opportunity for this matter to be discussed in an open forum before the Committee makes its decision.

More information on the offer and what is means for our Association and players is provided below. Please take a moment to read it.
I encourage you to have your say either in person at the AGM, or by email to

Yours sincerely

Rai Whitten
Maryborough Amateur Basketball Association


Offer by Basketball Queensland (BQ)

BQ is offering us Associate Membership . This means our Association has no vote at a BQ AGM or the ability to compete in the Queensland Basketball League. However, we can compete as an Association in regional and state level competition. The offer also includes a number of additional benefits including:

$20M Public Liability Insurance and Organisational Liability Insurance
Player Accident Insurance for all registered members.
Access to workshops, conferences, and courses including referee and coaching courses (coaching courses incur additional cost to cover textbooks). Assistance, advice and support from BQ on matters pertaining to the sport of basketball in Maryborough.

The offer provides for individual players to become Registered Representative Players by paying an annual fee of $25.00 (in addition to normal MABA fees). Such players are eligible for the following:

Ability to Nominate to Regional Tournaments in the Central Queensland Region (Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Emerald, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Maryborough) Note: the team would have to pay the standard Team Nomination Fees and meet all of the other provisions of the competition to compete;
The ability to be ceded into Division 1 of the Junior State Championships;
Selection in the Under 15 South State Development Team, the Under 16 or 18 South State Teams or the Under 20 State Team;

Granted NITP Scholarships;
Selection to the Blue Chip or Five Star Player Development Programs;
Participation in the Sho Me camps; and
Development Camps for the various BQ Programs may be conducted in Maryborough (depending on the number of athletes, cost and availability with the decision at the sole discretion of BQ).


How much will it cost?

The Committee has negotiated with BQ for a reduction in fees for Associate membership. Based on the current season’s membership the cost of affiliation will be just under $7000 annually. Fees may fluctuate in future years depending on membership levels.

However when our current Public Liability and Organisational liability costs are considered, the association can save almost $4000 by taking up this cover through affiliation with BQ. This brings the actual cost of affiliation to just $3000 annually or $1500 per season.

Note that the cost to become a Registered Representative Player is in addition to our normal fees. ________________________________________________________________

Monday, 27 September 2010 12:23

Will my fees go up if we affiliate?

The committee is very mindful of the need to keep player fees at a reasonable level to ensure all players have access to the sport. Equally we understand that many players are social players and it is unfair to expect such players (both senior and junior) to subsidise those seeking higher levels of competition. Accordingly the association will not automatically pass on affiliation costs to members through fee increases. Our fees are amongst the lowest of any sports on the Fraser Coast and we intend to keep them that way. The committee will consider a range of fundraising options to offset the costs of affiliation. However the committee may, from time to time in the future, consider the need for fee increases to cover operating costs including those associated with affiliation.


Why are we considering this offer?

Historically, our Association has received very little from BQ in return for the high fees levied. About 10 years ago we de-affiliated from BQ and during that time have not been eligible to participate in regional or state level competition. The effect of this has been that our kids have been denied access to this important pathway in their sport. We have a proud history of producing champions at all levels of the game and could do so again.

Also, BQ has undergone many changes in recent years. With a new Board and a stated ethos of providing service that represents value for money, the committee considered that it was time to re-examine affiliation in order to provide pathways for our players.


What’s the sports injury all about?

Every registered member will have access to Sports Injury Insurance Cover which includes Death and Permanent Disability, Loss of Income, Student Assistance Benefit, Home Help Benefit, and Non-Medicare Medical Expenses. A booklet with more information is available on the Association’s website (


I just play socially and/or for fitness- what does this mean for me?

Not much will change for you except that as a normal registered player you have access to player accident insurance (see above). Also, as a senior player you will be able to compete in Masters , Veteran or Senior Basketball tournaments that are conducted under the BQ banner.

Only Registered Representative Players will be required to pay additional fees. ________________________________________________________________

I want to know more?

Contact the President on 41 21 71 65 or by email via ________________________________________________________________

I want to have my say

Attend the Annual General Meeting on Friday 1 Oct, 5.30pm at the Clubrooms, or
Contact the President by email via or by phone on 4121 7165.