The Association is instituting new rules for the booking of the Stadium.  This has become necessary to ensure bookings can be processed effectively and to ensure bookings adhere to a reasonable usage policy.
Rule Addition #1: No stadium bookings will be accepted prior to 7am or after 10pm. This rule is being instituted to ensure that we maintain a harmonious relationship with our neighbours.
Rule Addition# 2: Bookings now require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  This is to enable volunteer admin staff the opportunity to review the booking and provide written confirmation.  It is also being instituted to enable admin staff to decline bookings that clash with other usage of the stadium, or that are are considered unreasonable e.g after hours bookings.
In addition to these rule changes the Association will now change the access code for the Stadium Keysafe on a more regular basis to prevent people from accessing the stadium after hours without prior permission.