26-09-2012-23-21-22-2New Penalties for Seniors with effect the start of the 2008 Summer Season.  Please make sure your team members are aware of the following decisions made by the Committee.

* Teams playing unregistered players will incur a penalty of one competition point per unregistered player on the court (unregistered includes not financial players)
* Failure to do rostered duties will incur the same penalty. Persons standing in for a rostered player must sign the score sheet.
* Late start – Teams not taking the court on time will lose one point per minute late.

The Association would like to see teams in correct uniforms eg. Same shirts with correct numbers, same coloured shorts.

Should your team have to forfeit please notify Elva Alloway on 4122 1857 beforehand.

Due to lack of referees some players will be rostered to do this duty.

The committee appreciates your support in these matters.