We are pleased to announce the addition of a couple of useful features for our QRCode Check-in App to sign into the Stadium.  Please see these updates to the App below:

Visitor Check-out function 

After a visitor signs in and generates a CovidPass™ they will now see a simple button that allows them to check-out when they leave the premises. No additional scanning required, all they need to do is click the check-out button which now records their check-out time in your CovidPass™ Portal.

Return Visitor MyCP ID function

First time visitors are now issued with a simple random code they can use if they prefer to skip entering their details on return check-in. They can still use the phone’s default autofill function if they prefer but this makes it even faster for those who don’t use autofill.

We hope these updates makes it simpler, and quicker to check into the Stadium.

Thank you for your continued support to ensure we remain COVIDSAFE.