We have introduced NEW COVID-19 Sign In procedures to ensure we adhere to the requirements of Stage Three COVID Restrictions

The Indoor Sports Industry COVIDSAFE PLAN (which applies to all Basketball activities) requires us to:

  • Maintain Contact tracing information (attendance register) for all participants, officials, spectators and anyone else who attends facilities and the information on this register must be retained for 56 days. 
  • Contact information must include attendees name, email address, mobile phone number and date/time period of patronage (time in/time out).
  • We are required to be capable of handing over a copy of this register to Qld Police or Department of Health officials within 60 minutes of their request for our attendance register.

To ensure we achieve this requirement we have now introduced a new electronic sign-in process to augment our manual sign-in procedures.

All players, officials, spectators and anyone else who enters the stadium for any reason is required to sign in.  Our updated Sign In Procedures are as follows:

  1. ENTRY to the Stadium is ONLY through the ARIADNE ST DOORWAY.
  2. A Sign In Table is provided at this entry which has a copy of our COVIDSAFE PLAN, a Manual Attendance Register and Signage for Electronic sign-in using a QRCODE.

(A QR code is the abbreviation of Quick Response code, a trademark name
of the most popular type of 2D barcode readable by smartphones).

All persons entering the Stadium ARE TO SIGN IN using either the Manual Attendance Register, or, the QR Code.  This includes all players, officials, spectators.    Signing in is required for fixtures, training, deliveries, maintenance and entry for administrative purposes.

For people with a smart phone, the QR Code method is the quickest and easiest way of signing in.  Signage with the QR Code and instructions on use is displayed at the Sign In Desk.

To use the QR Code just follow these simple instructions:

Alternately, an internet link is provided for anyone who cannot scan the QR Code image.

A copy of this QR Code Signage is provided below.

Covid Entry Sign Update


Please help us maintain compliance with our Industry COVIDSAFE Plan by signing in whenever you enter the Stadium.  Please be aware that QLD Police and QHEALTH are conducting spot checks of business and sporting associations to ensure adherence to COVIDSAFE PLANS.  Failure to provide our attendance Register of ALL attendees within the required 60 minutes may result in a hefty fine and may result in the closure of our stadium for Basketball activities.  Please help us to continue playing Basketball in a safe environment.