The Maryborough Basketball Association has recently filled the position of Treasurer with our Secretary being elected to the role. We are now calling for expressions of interest from our Basketball community to fill the vacant position of Secretary.

The following Role Description for this position has been extracted from the MABA Committee Position Descriptions document and outline what is required to fulfil these committee functions.


  • Notifying the relevant government body of their appointment.
  • Lodging, on behalf of the Association, all reports and notices as required of an incorporated body under the Incorporations Associations Act.
  • Collection, sorting and distribution of Association mail.
  • Issue notices of meetings.
  • Preparation and distribution of meeting agenda.
  • Take Minutes and distribute within seven days of meetings and upload file copies to the Association’s electronic file storage system.
  • Be responsible for the safe custody of books, documents and securities of the Association.
  • Prepare and circulate, at least 4 days prior to each committee meeting, the agenda and supporting reports, including financial reports and any other information required to considered by the committee.
  • Preparation of AGM documents and notices.
  • Keep a copy of the Rules.
  • Maintain attendance rolls at AGMs and SGMs.
  • Submit annual statement to Office of Fair Trading, Qld within 1 month of AGM.
  • Liaise with the Canteen convenor/cleaner of upcoming events requiring their services.
  • Liaise with Website Manager and Publicity Officer to ensure our communication strategies for all upcoming events and major activities are consistent and support our brand.
  • Delegate appropriate jobs to Assistant secretary as required.

In addition to the above specific responsibilities, all Committee members have common responsibilities as listed below:

Responsibilities common to all committee members

  • Attend at least 80% of all scheduled committee meetings (approximately 8 per year).
  • Uphold and Promote the Association’s Code of Conduct.
  • Promote the Association at every opportunity.
  • Support and promote the Association’s values of fair play and being a good sport.
  • Advise the Publicity Officer of potential sponsorship opportunities for the Association.
  • Be available to all members to hear any concerns or comments they may have.
  • Take action on any concerns or comments raised by a member by passing it on to the relevant committee member and/or raising it at a committee meeting. Follow-up with the member to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  • Support and enforce Association rules.
  • Hold, or be willing to apply for, a current volunteer’s “working with children” check (if legally required)


For further Information, or to register your interest in filling either of these positions please email the Association at