The following is a statement from the Executive Management Committee reinforcing the Committee’s commitment to supporting our referees and an invitation to attend the next Management Group Meeting to discuss any concerns they may have.

The Executive Management Committee (the Executive) is supportive of referees and wish to foster and develop high quality referees who are remunerated appropriately within the resources of the Association.
A Referee Committee may be one way to ensure this occurs but such a Committee is not mandatory under our Constitution, nor is it considered to be a management entity separate to and unanswerable to the Executive Management Committee.  It should be noted that no Referee Committee has ever been formed since the original publication of our Constitution in 2004.
The recent move by the Referee Educator/Coordinator to unilaterally form a Referee Committee without a majority vote of the Executive, and a number of inaccurate statements made about our Constitution, left the Executive with no alternative but to write to all our Referees to ensure they were fully and accurately informed prior to participating in any meeting on the subject.  As a result of this letter, the Referee Educator/Coordinator cancelled the meeting to raise a Referee Committee. Subsequently, the Referee Educator/Coordinator submitted his resignation to the Executive and has written to all referees stating his views on the matter.
The Executive do not wish to debate the contents of his letter other than to note that several statements in relation to the Constitution remain misinterpreted and some statements made about the Executive and specific persons are incorrect and may be considered libel.
The Executive regret that these matters brought the Referee Educator/Coordinator into conflict with the Executive, as well as his choice to resign from his position.  The Executive wish to thank Daniel Weedon for all his efforts in helping to improve our referee capability and we wish him the very best in his future endeavours.
Moving forward, the Executive want to reinforce our ongoing commitment to our referees and our desire to work closely with all referees to ensure they feel valued and respected.  To this end, the matter of referee education/coordination will be a key agenda item on our next Management Committee Meeting to be held on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at 5.00pm.
The Executive extend an invitation to all referees to attend this meeting to discuss any concerns they may have about the management of referees and how we can improve our support to them.  If referees are unable to attend the Management Committee Meeting they are invited to document, in writing, any concerns they may have which can be tabled at the meeting.   Referees may write to the Association at PO Box 302, Maryborough Qld 4650 or email to
The Constitution is freely available for download from our Website and all members are encouraged to read it.
Executive Management Committee (comprising):
  • Debra Alloway, President
  • Brett Peters, Vice President
  • Julie Chester, Vice President
  • Trish Costello, Secretary
  • Anita Morrison, Treasurer