DRAW – Week 7 Friday 28th Aug 2020

  • Spectators please remember to sign in. Everyone enters Frank St and leaves via Ariadne St doors.
  • Thank you for following MABA & BQ COVID guidelines.
  • Please remember to bring plenty of water with you whilst the bubbler is out of action.

3:45pm – 4:30pm Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2

4:00pm – Under 12
Stadium: Round Robin 15min games
Little Rascals(bench A) v Sooper Hooper’s(bench B) Refs: Paul & Leah
Little Rascals v RCC (Magic sign) Score table: Ella & Jonno W
Sooper Hooper’s v RCC

4:50pm – Under 14
Stadium: Sooper Hooper’s v Comets Refs: Paul & Leah
Score table: Parents
Court 1: Thunder v RCC Refs: Brett & Sarah
Score table: Parents

5:40pm – Under 16
Stadium: Thunder v Panthers Refs: Kirsty & Chloe
Score table: Parents
Court 1: Rockets v RCC Refs: Brett & Caleb
Score table: Parents

6:30pm – Under 18
Stadium: Thunder v Saints Refs: Kel & Kirsty
Score table: Parents

7:20pm – Under 18
Stadium: Wolves v Crocs Refs: Caleb & Sarah
Score table: Kirsty, Jason T & Caleb W

8:10pm – Under 18
Stadium: Burra Boys v Cavs Refs: Kel & Sarah
Score table: Parents
BYE: U16 Sooper Hooper’s