2020 Summer Season
Draw – Week 1 Friday 17th July 2020

Welcome back!
You MUST be registered to take the court.
Please adhere to MABA COVID safe plan and guidelines. If you have a duty, please wash hands and report to your designated court. After each game, everyone must depart so cleaning & sanitization can occur. We thank you in advance for your patience.

3.45 pm – 4.30 pm Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2  Ben Lang  & helpers

Referee Supervisor: Kirsty
Table Supervisor: Kel

4.00 pm – Under 12
Stadium  Round Robin Comp (as only 3teams have registered so far)
Referees: Leah & Paul Scorebench: Chloe & Ella Baker       

Court Supervisor –  Kirsty   

5.00 pm – Under 14 SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Sarah
Stadium: Thunder v Riverside
Referees: Leah & Paul   Scorebench: Town & Murdoch
Court 1: Sooper Hoopers v Comets
Referees: Bailey V & Brett Peters  Scorebench: Seth & Jasper

6.00 pm – Under 16
Stadium: Sooper Hoopers v Riverside SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Mr Town
Referees: Kirsty & Sarah   Scorebench: Caleb Wickham & Brett Peters
Court 1: Thunder v Rockets
Referees: Sarah & Caleb  Scorebench: Chloe & Kelsey

7.00 pm – 18 and Under SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Leah
Stadium: Burra Boys v Crocs
Referees: Kel & Cindy V   Scorebench: Kirsty & Sarah

8.00 pm 18 & Under SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Kel
Stadium: Thunders v Wolves
Referees: Kirsty & Sarah   Scorebench: Caleb & Sheryn

U16 Panthers
U18 Saints