2019 Winter Season

Draw – Week 7 – Friday 22 March

Reminder we will be playing Friday 5th April (last day of school Term 1)
If you are unable to field a team please advise Debra Alloway this week.

Shadow Referees will not have a whistle again this week (except Luke Hoffman)
Run with partner for court coverage, assist with giving ball possession and attempt hand signals of partners calls.

4.00pm – 5.00pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2: T.Cox, Assistants – Jacob Town, Lachlan Collishaw & Hayden Petersen

Court Supervisor – Kirsty Brown

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium : Sooper Hoopers v Riverside
Referees: <L. Gleich (P. Gower)   K.King (J.Grant)   > Scorebench: Parents Riverside
Court 1: Little Rascals v Galaxy
Referees: <l. Lougheed   K Allery > Scorebench: Parents  Galaxy
Referee Supervisor     Travis Cox

Court Supervisor – Debra Alloway

4.50 pm Under 14 (corrected) – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED –
Stadium: Huskies v Big Rascals
Referees: <C.Jensen & C.Oakenfull> Scorebench: Parents Big Rascals
Court 1:Sooper Hoopers v Riverside
Referees: T. Cox (Jordan Hoffman) L. Lougheed       Scorebench: Parents Riverside
Referee Supervisor K.Brown                                                                          

5.40 pm Under 16
Stadium: Cavaliers v Panthers SHOT CLOCK – Cassie Collishaw
Referees: <   K. Brown   (Luke Hoffmann) K. King > Scorebench: Cavaliers
Court 1: Sooper Hoopers v Riverside
Referees: <   D. Alloway T Cox (J Kakoruis) > Scorebench: Riverside

6.30pm Under 18
Stadium: Riverside v Saints   SHOT CLOCK – Kelsey Wilson
Referees: < D.Alloway, K. Brown   (S Kakoruis) > Scorebench: Riverside

7.20 pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Storm v Wolves   SHOT CLOCK – Jess Kakouris
Referees: A. Potter, (S Kakoruis) C Holebrook (Luke Hoffmann) > Scorebench: Wolves

BYE: U16 Saints & U18 Reps