2020 Winter Season
Draw – Week 7 – Friday 20th March 2020

Lets all be mindful of the ongoing health problem that is COVID-19 (coronavirus)

If you do not feel well, please stay home. Let’s limit unnecessary touching – please no shaking of hands or high fives. Words like great game or nice shooting will be encouraged. Wash hands before & after games please. Thank you for your understanding 😊

3.45 pm – 4.45 pm Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2 with Mrs Alloway & Parent helpers

Referee Supervisor: Kirsty

4.00 pm – Under 12
Stadium:   Sooper Hoopers  v  Riverside
Referees: Paul & Dylan         Score bench – Rebekah & Jonno
Court 1:   Galaxy  v   New Team
Referees: Leah (Jacob with whistle) & Chloe        Score bench: Jade H & Ella       

Referee Supervisor: Kirsty

4.50 pm – Under 14 SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Stadium: Sooper Hoopers RED v Thunder
Referees: Leah & Bailey V.   Score bench: Hoopers Parents
Court 1: Riverside v Comets
Referees: Jack & Paul Scorebench: Nathaniel & Rhett

Table Supervisor: Kel

5.40 pm – Under 16
Stadium: Rockets v Panthers SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED Tait Laycock
Referees: Kirsty & Sarah     Score bench: Kelsey & Jess
Court 1: Thunder v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: Chloe & Luke       Score bench: Parents

U18 4 x 8min quarters. Clock stops for timeouts.

6.30 pm – 18 and Under SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Stadium: Thunder v Burra Boys
Referees: Kel & Sarah     Score bench: Kirsty, Jess

7.15 pm  Gators v Wolves SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Referees: Caleb & Luke  Score bench: Brett, Jason T & Caleb W

8.00 pm 18 & Under SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Stadium: Crocs v Saints
Referees: Kevin & Kirsty   Score bench: Leah, Chloe & Kel

U14 Sooper Hoopers WHITE
U16 Riverside