2019 Summer Season

Draw – Week 5 – Friday 23th August

Coaches or team captains, please organise a scorer for your game, either a parent, sibling or a player from another age group. Encourage your parents to learn to score.

Please inform the Junior Draw Organiser (Deb Alloway) ASAP of any unavailability of your team due to school camps, other sport etc. if you are unable to field a team any weeks.

3.40pm – 4.40pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2: Travis.Cox, Jeremy,   Jackson, Fred

Court Supervisor – Trish Costello
Referee supervisor – Kirsty Brown

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium: Galaxy v Riverside
Referees: L. Gleich, P. Gower   Scorebench: Parents
Court1: Little Rascals v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: C. Jensen (K. Kakouris), S Kakouris Scorebench: Parents

4.50 pm Under 14
Stadium: Huskies v Riverside
Referees:, L. Calleja,   J. Kempster Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock
Court 1: Big Rascals v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: C. Jensen S. Kakouris Scorebench: Parents

5.40 pm Under 16
Stadium: Thunder v Riverside
Referees: L.Calleja, C. Holebrook Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock
Court 1: Panthers v Sooper Hoopers : Scorebench: Parents
Referees: K. Brown S. Kakouris
Court 2: Saints v Cavaliers
Referees: L. Hoffman T.Cox Scorebench: Parents      

6.30pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Riverside Gators v Saints
Referees: L. Calleja (S. Kakouris)   K. Gibson (L. Hoffman) Scorebench: Wolves   & 24 second Clock

7.20pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Riverside Crocs v Wolves
Referees: L.Calleja, D. Alloway   Scorebench: Riverside & 24 second Clock

U18 Bye: Storm