2019 Winter Season

Amended Draw – Week 3 – Friday 22 February (amendment in blue)

FREE Beginner Referee Course next Saturday 23rd Feb. For Parents, players wanting to learn to referee and earn some pocket money.   Go to our Facebook page or website for details, or see Daniel Weedon.

Parents, players are required to provide score bench duties.

See New Team U16 & U18 Roster at bottom of this draw!

4.00pm – 4.45pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2: T.Cox, Helpers required

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadiun  :   Riverside v Little Rascals
Referees: <L.Gleich & K.Allery> Scorebench: Parents 
Court 1: Sooper Hoopers v Galaxy

Referees: <C.Oakenfull & L.Lougheed > Scorebench: Parents           

Court Supervisor – Debra Alloway

4.50 pm Under 14 – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED
Stadium: Huskies v Big Rascals
Referees: <C.Jensen & C.Oakenfull> Scorebench: Parents
Court 1:Sooper Hoopers v Riverside
Referees: <L.Lougheed & C.Holebrook Scorebench:Parents  

5.40 pm Under 16 – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED
Stadium: New players + Cavaliers v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: <D.Weedon & T.Cox> Scorebench: Cavaliers
Court 1: Saints v Panthers
Referees: <C.Holebrook & K.King> Scorebench: Panthers
BYE: Riverside                                                                                                                                                             

6.30pm Under 18 – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED
Stadium: Wolves v Reps (U16)
Referees: <T.Cox & K.Brown> Scorebench: Saints

7.20 pm 18 & Under – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED
Stadium: Saints v Storm
Referees: <D.Weedon & A.Potter> Scorebench: Wolves
BYE: Riverside

Bye: U16   Riverside   U18 Riverside

New Team Roster for U16 & U18

U16 Cavaliers + new players
Max Peters
Dalton Morrison
Ethan Fishleigh
Jeffery Green
Madisyn Booth
Madisyn Hutton-Ward
Quinn McKeough
Lachlan Collishaw

U16 Saints
Hayden Petersen
Jamie Hirsimaki
Patrick Hagan
Connor Laycock
Lilli Negus
Jack Maloney
Dusty Bausch

U18 Saints
Caleb Holebrook
Regan Anderson
Jackson Knight-MacDonald
Malakai Kokkin
Quin McKeough
Harry Bensley
Dalton Morrison   

U18 Reps
Chase Oakenfull
Jacob Town
Hayden Petersen
Jamie Hirsimaki
Patrick Hagan
Rev De Guzman
Kodie Allery
Jack Maloney