2019 Summer Season
Draw – Week 3 – Friday  9th August

All players, please PRINT your name CLEARLY on the scoresheet. Eg   B Smith., K. Jones
If your name is not on the scoresheet you will not be recorded as playing the game.  This may affect you qualifying for the finals.

3.40pm – 4.40pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2:  Travis.Cox,  Jackson, and Fred

Court Supervisor –Brett Peters 
Referee supervisor – Kirsty Brown

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium:  Galaxy  v Sooper Hoopers
Referees:  L. Gleich,(K.Kakouris)  J. Hoffman  Scorebench: Parents
Court1: Riverside v Little Rascals
Referees: P.Gower, C. Jensen   Scorebench: Parents

4.50 pm Under 14
Stadium: Huskies v Sooper Hoopers
Referees:   L.Calleja, K. Allery Scorebench: Parents  & 24 second Clock
Court 1:  Riverside  v Big Rascals
Referees: < C. Jensen  C. Oakenfull   Scorebench: Parents

5.40 pm  Under 16
Stadium:  Saints v Sooper Hoopers
Referees:  T. Cox  S Kakouris  Scorebench: Parents   & 24 second Clock
Court 1 :Thunder v Cavaliers
Referees: C. Holebrook,   L. Calleja  Scorebench: Parents
Court 2: Panthers v Riverside
Referees:  L. Hoffman  K.Brown  Scorebench: Parents       

6.30pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Wolves  v Riverside Gators
Referees: K.Brown  C Holebrook   Scorebench: Storm &  24 second Clock

7.20 pm 18 & Under
Stadium:  Storm v Saints
Referees: L.Calleja, D Alloway Scorebench: Wolves &  24 second Clock
U18 Bye:Riverside Crocs