2019 Summer Season

Draw – Week 11- Friday 18th October

Please Note Semi Finals commence next week.
Players MUST be financial and have played 3 games with their team to qualify.  Scoresheets will be pre-printed with qualified players only. Please add your playing number only. Do not add your name to the scoresheet. If your name does not appear on scoresheet you cannot play.   For any clarification, please see Debra Alloway, Junior Coordinator.

4.00pm – 4.40pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2: Travis.Cox, Jackson, Fred, Rebecca

Court Supervisor – Trish Costello

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium: Sooper Hoopers v Little Rascals
Referees: P.Gower, C. Jensen (K. Kakouris) Scorebench: Parents
Court1: Riverside v Galaxy
Referees: L. Lougheed. J. Kempster Scorebench: Parents

4.50 pm Under 14
Stadium: Big Rascals v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: L.Calleja J. Kempster Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock
Court 1: Huskies v Riverside
Referees: < C.Jensen, S.Kakouris Scorebench: Parents

5.40 pm Under 16   Rotate indoor and outdoor and refs
Stadium: Thunder v Sooper Hoopers: Scorebench: Parents
Referees: C. Holebrook   L.Calleja
Court 1:
Cavaliers v Riverside
Referees: T. Cox, S. Kakouris Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock
Court 2: Saints v Panthers
Referees: L. Hoffman K.King   Scorebench: Parents      

6.30 pm 18 & Under
Riverside Gators v Saints
Referees: L.Calleja, K. Gibson Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock

7.20 pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Riverside Crocs v Wolves
Referees: D. Alloway T.Cox> Scorebench: Parents & 24 second Clock

U18 Bye: Storm