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Sunday 5th May and Monday 6th May
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2019 Winter Season

Draw – Week 10 – Friday 26 April 2019

4.00pm – 4.50pm Mini Ball and Biddy Ball Coaching
Court 2: T.Cox, Assistants – Jackson Knight, Chase Oakenfull, Jacob Town, Lachlan Collishaw & Hayden Petersen

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium: Sooper Hoopers   v Galaxy
Referees: < L. Gleich, (K Kakouris)   L. Lougheed (J Hoffman)       > Scorebench: Sooper Hoopers
Court 1: Little Rascals v Riverside
Referees: < C. Jensen, (P Gower) K. Allery     > Scorebench: Riverside
Referee Supervisor K.Brown

4.50 pm Under 14 – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED – Cassie Collishaw
Stadium:Sooper Hoopers v Riverside
Referees:   K. Brown (Jordan Hoffman) L. Lougheed       Scorebench: Parents Riverside
Court 1:
Huskies v Big Rascals
Referees: <L. Hoffman & C.Oakenfull> Scorebench: Parents Big Rascals
Referee Supervisor Travis. Cox

5.40 pm Under 16      SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED – Kelsey Wilson
Stadium: Sooper Hoopers v Panthers
Referees: K.Brown (J Kakouris) & K. King Scorebench: Sooper Hoopers
Court 1:
Saints v Riverside
Referees: L.Hoffman & T. Cox Scorebench: Saints U16 parents
Referee Supervisor Daniel Weedon

6.30pm 18 & Under – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED – Jason Town
Stadium: Rep v Riverside
Referees: A. Potter & C. Holebrook (S Kakouris)   Scorebench: Rep
Referee Supervisor Daniel Weedon

7.20 pm 18 & Under – SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED – Chase Oakenfull
Stadium: Wolves v Saints
Referees: K.Brown (S Kakouris) & D. Alloway Scorebench: Wolves
Referee Supervisor Daniel Weedon

Byes U16 Cavaliers U18 Storm