2019 Winter Season
Draw – GRAND FINALS Friday 14th June 2019


  • 10min quarters per game
  • Clock Stops for Time Outs & Every Whistle in the last 2 minutes of last quarter.
  • Extra time, (3 mins) played in event of a Tie.

Please return any Association Uniforms to the office.

Court Supervisor – Kirsty Brown

4.00 pm Under 12
Stadium: Riverside v Sooper Hoopers
Referees: L. Gleich, C. Jensen > Scorebench: C. Collishaw, S. Kakouris
Trophy Presentation – Life Member – Elva Alloway

5.00 pm Under 14                                
Stadium: Riverside v Huskies
Referees: < T. Cox, D. Alloway :  Scorebench: C. Collishaw, L. StevensonSHOT CLOCK Tate Laycock
Trophy Presentation – Patron – Rhondda Cunningham

Court Supervisor – Brett Peters

6.00 pm Under 16
Stadium: Riverside v Saints
Referees: K. Brown K. King     Scorebench: E. Gallagher K. King SHOT CLOCK Paige Hatherall
Trophy Presentation – Vice President Brett Peters

7.00pm Under 18
Stadium: Riverside v Storm
Referees: K. Gibson, T. Cox   > Scorebench: K.King, K. Brown SHOT CLOCK Leah Gleich
Trophy Presentation – President & Junior Coordinator – Debra Alloway