The Maryborough Basketball Association allows Juniors to play in the Senior Competition.  All juniors who participate in the Senior Competition are required to pay Game Fees.

It has been brought to our attention that, with the shift from paying game fees weekly to making an upfront Season payment online, we had not provided a mechanism for Juniors to pay the Season Game Fees.  We regret this oversight.  Coming back from COVID lockdowns has been challenging and complex.

To rectify this we have now created a special registration page for Juniors wish to play in the Senior Competition so that they can pay for their game fees.  Unfortunately developing the online registrations was a little more complex this year due to factors such as carrying over the Season Rego fee for those who were registered last season; or whether Juniors wanted to ONLY play in the Senior Competition or play in both the Senior AND Junior Competitions.

Our special registration page for Juniors wanting to play in the Senior Competition will ask Three simple questions in order to determine the right payment options based on the above variables.  It will then direct you to the correct Registration Form on SportsTG enabling you to make the appropriate payment.  We hope this process simplifies registration for you.

The process does allow for Juniors to register for BOTH Junior and Senior Competitions via the one Registration form.   If you have already Registered as a Junior for the 2020 Summer Season, you can still register for the Senior Competition.  You will not be charged again for Junior season registration.

While we are confident that these processes to register Juniors in the Senior Competition are robust and simple we acknowledge that it is possible we have missed something or you may have questions regarding the process.  If you have any questions regarding  the process please contact our SportsTG registrar – Rai Whitten – on 0400 708 037 or by email to

You can jump to our Special Registration Process for Juniors to play in the Senior Competition by clicking HERE.