Please Note :- Entry will be only be via the Outside court doors.
Gold Coin Donation appreciated.

A $100 Money Board and Treasure Hunt board for the kids will also be available at the door.
Please bring some change to support the association. Proceeds go to replenish our coffers for recent the replacement of the outdoor court lighting. ($6000.00 +)

Timings will be 10 minute quarters, clock stops for timeouts and every whistle in the last 2 minutes of the last quarter.

2018 Winter Season

Draw – GRAND FINALS – Friday 15th June

Court Supervisor – Anita Morrison & Kirsty Brown

4.00pm Under 12
Stadium: Riverside v Bouncers  

Referees:C Welsh, D Morrison Scorebench: C. Jensen- K. Wilson
Presentation of Medals:- Anita Morrison

5.00 pm Under 14
Stadium: Saints v Huskies
Referees: K King, T Johnston Scorebench: L. Stevenson B Shepherd
Presentation of Medals:- Elva Alloway

Court Supervisor – Kirsty Brown

6.00 pm Girls
Stadium: Electric Angels v Amytheysts

Referees:  C. Welsh L. Calleja Scorebench: E. Gallagher N Lutero
Presentation of Medals:- Kirsty Brown

Court Supervisor – Debra Alloway

7.00pm Under 16
Stadium: Anonymous v Riverside

Referees: L Calleja K. Brown Scorebench: S Kakouris, L Gleich
Presentation of Medals:- Debra Alloway 

8.00 pm 18 & Under
Stadium: Riverside v Storm

Referees: D Weedon, C. Holebrook Scorebench: D. Alloway, J Kakaouris
Presentation of Medals:- Daniel Weedon