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When does the season start?

Games start in the week of 14 February 2022.   Subscribe to our email list to keep up-to-date with the latest game times or follow us on Facebook.

What will it Cost?

Juniors $80 per season + Annual BQ Fee of $35

Or for Juniors playing in Senior and Junior competitions $170 + Annual BQ Fee of $35

Senior Men and Women $170 + Annual BQ Fee of $33.20

The above fees attract a online transaction fee when registering (approx 4%)

Wheelchair Basketballers free (registration through Sporting Wheelies)

These fees include all game fees and player insurance via BQ insurance policy.

If you or your child hold a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, your child may be eligible for a FairPlay voucher of up to $150 towards your fees. Find out more about FairPlay vouchers at:

How do I Register a Team?

Team Registrations for Seniors and for U16 and 18 & under can be made by using the relevant online form.

Senior Team Nominations

U16 and 18 & under Team Nominations

Downloadable Nomination Forms in DOC and PDF are also available

I want to play, but I don’t have a team, what do I do?

If you are looking for a team in Junior U16 or 18 & Under or you are a senior player (19 years or older) and want to play but don’t have a team, just fill in this expression of interest and we’ll find a team for you: Contact Us to help you find a team

What should I wear when playing?

Sports shoes with non-marking soles, sports shorts without pockets (preferably black). Jewellery including watches is not to be worn. To preserve the surface of the indoor court, we ask that players carry their shoes and put them once inside the stadium at the court.

What should I bring?

A water bottle, towel, and if you want, a basketball and some spending money for the canteen (open Fridays) and a desire to have fun on the court.

Can I use a FairPlay voucher?

Yes, Maryborough Basketball Association accepts FairPlay vouchers as full or partial payment of fees.

Follow the registration process via the MABA registration (click on Red REGISTER button in Main Menu) and follow the instructions in the Fair Play Voucher Registration.

You find out more and apply for the FairPlay vouchers here:

What day will I play?

The days of play will be determined after team nominations close at the end of January, but the following days are anticipated:

· Monday evenings: Wheel Chair Basketball

· Tuesday evenings: Women’s

· Wednesday and Thursday evenings: Men’s

· Friday afternoons: Mini’s and Marvels

· Friday afternoons/evenings: Juniors

Wheelchair Basketball


Do I need to use a wheelchair in day-to-day life to play?

No. Wheelchair Basketball is a reverse-inclusion sport meaning able-bodied people are encouraged to play.

Do I need my own wheelchair?

No. Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association supply a number of specific sports wheelchairs.

When do they play and train?

Monday afternoon/evenings

· Skills from 5pm

· Games from 6pm (14 years and over)

How much does is cost?


How do I register or find out more?

To register or find out more, email:

Maryborough Minis – turning 5 -6 this year

What is the Maryborough Minis program?

For our youngest ballers, this motor-skills development program (bouncing, throwing and shooting) is a fun and supportive way to learn the game. Participants will play across court basketball games and learn team skills and fundamentals of the game.

When do they play?

3:15pm – 4:00pm Friday

How much will it cost?

Season fee of $40 + Annual BQ Fee of $35 (covers 12mths)

Maryborough Marvels – turning 7-9 this year

What is the Maryborough Marvels program?

This ‘introduction to basketball’ program aims to teach participants the skills and rules of the game. Players participate in skill building activities to teach dribbling, shooting, passing and defending. The games are played across the court preparing them to play the game competitively. Participants who are turning 7 to 9 this year may also play in the Under 12 in the Junior Competition but will be required to pay an upgrade fee in order to participate in this competition.

When do they play?

3:15pm – 4:00pm Friday

How much will it cost?

Season fee of $40 + Annual BQ Fee of $35 (covers 12mths)

Junior Competition U12 – U14

Does my child need to nominate a team?

No, U12 and U14 players will trail various teams in the first two weeks of competition. At the end of the second week, they will be allocated a team to train and play with for the rest of the season.

Teams are constructed by the Maryborough Magic Committee and Coaches to provide a competitive balance to the competition. Suitable for both new and experienced players, teams will be created over the first two weeks of the season. No club teams will be formed. It is expected that players will be shuffled across teams to create a balanced, development driven, competition amongst teams. As new players enter the competition they will be allocated a team and shuffled dependent on impact to the competition. As the teams are finalised, players will then be allocated a coach, stay with their team to build team skills and be allocated a training time slot.

When do they play?

Fridays, 4-6pm

How much will it cost?

Juniors: Winter Season fee of $80 + Annual BQ Fee of $35 (covers 12mths)

Junior Competition U16 – U18

Does my child need to nominate a team?

Maryborough Basketball offers a weekly competition for both new and experienced players. Separate competitions are held for Under 16’s and Under 18’s. Teams wishing to submit a club team from the Under 14 age group can do so in this division.

When do they play?

Fridays, 6-8pm

How much does it cost?

Juniors: Winter Season fee of $80 + Annual BQ Fee of $35 (covers 12mths)

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