The Committee is considering re-affiliating with Basketball Qld as there are many benefits for our Association.

This matter was last considered seven years ago and the motion to affiliate then was narrowly defeated.  The benefits of affiliation still remain and it’s time we again considered the matter.

As this decision will affect all players, refs, families, etc, the Committee intends to conduct an education campaign to inform people on the pros and cons of affiliation.  The committee will be seeking the views of as many people as possible in order to arrive at a consensus opinion on the matter – which will guide the Committee’s decision.  A one page consensus form outlining the pros and cons of affiliation is provided below.

Consensus Form – BQ Affiliation

Committee members will be attending Junior and Senior games over the next couple of weeks to talk to people about re-affiliation and will have the above form with them so that you can express your views.

A copy of the current BQ Associate Member Agreement  can be viewed at this link – 2017 Associate Member Agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact Debra Alloway, President on 0400 101 731.