Welcome to the Maryborough Basketball Association

This site has been set up to provide information about our Association and as a resource for Basketball information on the Fraser Coast

The Ray and Elva Alloway Basketball Complex comprises a indoor basketball court and two outdoor basketball courts under lights.



 Stadium Location

Corner Ariadne St and Frank St, Maryborough, Qld 4650

Objects of the Association

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  1. To control, promote and undertake management of amateur basketball in Maryborough and district.
  2. To promote the formation and active functioning of other bodies as provided in the rules to assist in control and promotion of amateur basketball in Maryborough and Distict.
  3. To co-operate with other bodies as provided in the rules to achieve the most effective administration of the Association.
  4. To encourage members of the public who are elegible to participate in amateur basketball and/or its administration.

Drawn from the Constitution of the Maryborough Basketball Association Inc.


The Maryborough Basketball Association provides two competition seasons per year – a Summer and a Winter Season. The Winter season usually commences in February while the Summer Season commences in July.


All games are played at the Stadium in Ariadne St, Maryborough. Some junior games and Biddy Ball are played on the outside courts (weather permitting). At times, the Association may participate in ‘away’ games at the invitation of other Basketball Associations. More detail on these will be provided when such opportunities arise.

Association Game Structure

The Association competition is conducted in accordance with the National Basketball Rules and conventions. Junior games are usually played for four quarters with each quarter being of 10 minutes duration. Senior games follow a similar structure.


The Maryborough Basketball Association provides all referrees and scorers. Players and parents are encouraged to contribute to the Association by offering their services to referee or assist with scoring. Full training for referrees and scorers will be provided on request.


Maryborough Basketball is affiliated with Basketball Queensland and provides Sports Insurance for all registered players as part of this affiliation.

Uniforms/Jewellery/Long fingernails

  • All players must wear the same Team Colour playing top .
  • All players must wear the same coloured shorts eg. All black or all blue.
  • Numbers on playing tops must be in the range 4-15 only.
  • Numbers are to be displayed on the front and the back of playing tops.
  • All jewellery, armbands etc should be removed prior to the game.
  • Rings are to be taped up if they cannot be removed.
  • Fingernails must not be longer than the tops of the fingers. Sports gloves can be worn if players wish to retain long fingernails.

Scoresheets – Notations

  • Players Name & Initial – Players First Initial and Surname are to be written in Capital letters against the players numbered top.  No nicknames or abbreviations.
  • Players names are to be written on scoresheets prior to the allocated playing time.
  • Players unable to take the court must have their names crossed off the scoresheet.
  • Players wearing contact lenses must initial in the margin to the left of the scoresheet the initials “CL”. This informs the referees that a player is wearing contact lenses and that the game may be stopped if required if lenses are lost on court during the game. If “CL” is not noted on the scoresheet the referee is not obliged to stop the game.
  • The initials “CAP” is to be recorded against the name of the Team Court Captain on the scoresheet. Only the nominated Court Captain of each team is permitted to talk to the referee during the game.  This must be done in a polite manner.
  • Coaches must also list their names on the allocated area of the scoresheet otherwise they may not be recognised by the score bench or referees.