Welcome to the Maryborough Basketball Association

This site has been set up to provide information about our Association and as a resource for Basketball information on the Fraser Coast

The Ray and Elva Alloway Basketball Complex comprises an indoor basketball court and two outdoor basketball courts under lights.



 Stadium Location

Corner Ariadne St and Frank St, Maryborough, Qld 4650

Objects of the Association

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  1. To control, promote and undertake management of amateur basketball in Maryborough and district.
  2. To promote the formation and active functioning of other bodies as provided in the rules to assist in control and promotion of amateur basketball in Maryborough and Distict.
  3. To co-operate with other bodies as provided in the rules to achieve the most effective administration of the Association.
  4. To encourage members of the public who are elegible to participate in amateur basketball and/or its administration.

Drawn from the Constitution of the Maryborough Basketball Association Inc.


The Maryborough Basketball Association provides two competition seasons per year – Season 1 and Season 2.

  • Season 1 – normally commences in early February.
  • Season 2 – generally starts in July.


Two competitions are run each season: a Junior Competition and a Senior Competition. An Under 10 program is also run in Biddy Ball /Mini Ball formats.  More detail on these is as follows:

  • Junior Competition.   The Junior Competition comprises teams in Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and 18 and Under gradings.  All teams are mixed teams (boys & girls).   Children aged 7 to  9 are permitted to play in the Under 12 competition but need to be registered as Juniors and pay the Junior Season Registration Fee and be registered with Basketball Queensland.   The Junior competition is held on Friday Afternoons starting with Under 12s at 4.00pm.  Junior games are played on either the inside court or the two outdoor courts.  Exact timings are dependent on the number of teams in each grade. All players must have current MABA Season Registration and Basketball Queensland Registration before taking the court.  Registration is done online.
  • Senior Competition.  The senior competition caters for all Grades (A,B,C & D) and both a Mens and Womens competition is provided.  Games are played on weeknights usually commencing around 6pm or 6.15pm.  All players must have current MABA Season Registration and Basketball Queensland Registration before taking the court.  Registration is done online.
  • Under 10 Program (‘Minnies’ & ‘Marvels’).  This program is not a competition but a program for skills development for younger children new to basketball.  Coaching is provided using half court programs  in Mini Ball/Biddy Ball formats.  This program is conducted on Friday afternoons from 4.00pm to 4.50pm.
    The Under 10 Program is for children aged 4 to 9 inclusive.
    It is made up of two sub-programs – ‘Minnies’ aged 4 to 6 inclusive and ‘Marvels’ aged 7 to 9 inclusive.
    ‘Marvels’ may optionally choose to also play in the Under 12 Junior Competition.
    Those choosing to play up continue to participate in the Marvel Sub-Program.


All games are played at the Stadium in Ariadne St, Maryborough. Some junior games and Biddy Ball are played on the outside courts (weather permitting). At times, the Association may participate in ‘away’ games at the invitation of other Basketball Associations. More detail on these will be provided when such opportunities arise.

Association Game Structure

The Association competition is conducted in accordance with the National Basketball Rules and conventions. Junior games are usually played for four quarters with each quarter being of 10 minutes duration. Senior games follow a similar structure.


The Maryborough Basketball Association provides all referrees and scorers. Players and parents are encouraged to contribute to the Association by offering their services to referee or assist with scoring. Full training for referrees and scorers will be provided on request.


Maryborough Basketball is affiliated with Basketball Queensland and provides Sports Insurance for all registered players as part of this affiliation.  For more information on player insurance go to: http://www.vinsurancegroup.com/basketball/how-to-claim.html

For more information on Maryborough Basketball please email admin@maryboroughbasketball.com