Association Uniforms to be returned if your team is not in finals.

2019 Summer Season

Draw – Preliminary Finals – Friday 1st  November

Timings will be 10 minute quarters, clock stops for timeouts and every whistle in the last 2 minutes of the last quarter. 3 minutes Overtime for Tied Games

Court Supervisor – Kirsty Brown
Referee Supervisor – Travis Cox

4.00pm Under 12
Stadium Riverside  v 2  Little Rascals
Referees:L. Gleich  P.Gower Scorebench: Cassie Collishaw, Chloe Jensen

5.00 pm Under 14
Stadium Riverside v Big Rascals
Referees:C. Jensen S. Kakouris Scorebench: Leah Gleich,  Amanda Kratzmann, Renee Hatherall

6.00pm Under 16
Stadium: Thunder v Saints
Referees:C. Holebrook  K. King Scorebench: Jason Town, Tate Laycock, Thunder Parent

7.00 pm 18 & Under
Stadium:  Saints v Riverside Gators
Referees:T.Cox L Calleja Scorebench: Kirsty .Brown, Sarah Kakouris, Leah Gleich