Maryborough Basketball
Senior Draw – Semi Finals – Commencing 03/06/2019

Please note: 5 players to start the game for Finals unless permission sought from management committee.  

Please Note: Teams winning and going into Grand Final will be required to supply scorebench for next week Preliminary Final.

Game timings:
10 minute quarters. Breaks between quarters, 2,3 & 2 minutes
Clock Stops for Subs, Timeouts, Freeshots and every whistle in last 3 minutes.

MONDAY 03.06.19

6:15 WA Bouncers v Rim Reapers K.Gibson D.Alloway 3x SCORERS ZODIACS
7:15 WA Zodiacs v All Stars K.Gibson K.Brown 3x SCORERS RIM REAPERS

TUESDAY 04.06.19

6:15 WB Eagles v Comeback Queens T.Cox K.Gibson 3x SCORERS SAPPHIRES
7:15 WB Panthers v Sapphires T.Cox K.Gibson 3x SCORERS TRY HARDS

Wednesday 05.06.19

No games due to State of Origin

THURSDAY 06.06.19

6:15 WC Revellers v Try Hards R.Cunningham A.Raguse 2x SCORERS THE TRIBE
7:15 WC The Tribe v Comeback Queens D.Alloway B.Peters 2x SCORERS TRY HARDS