Maryborough Basketball
2018 Senior Summer Season – Draw – Grand Finals
Commencing 12/11/2018

Games are 10 min quarters.  Clock Stops for subs, time outs, free shots and every whistle in the last three minutes of the game.

MONDAY 12/11/18
6:30 WA Panthers v Zodiacs D.Weedon A. Potter L.Calleja K.Brown L.Gleich M.Klein

TUESDAY 13/11/18
7:15 WB Sapphires v Eagles C.Holebrook D.Alloway L.Gleich C.Jensen K.Wilson

WEDNESDAY 14/11/18
6:30 MB Elites v Total Package D.Weedon L.Calleja D. Alloway 3x SCORERS HIGH FLYERS
7:30 MA Jets v High Flyers D.Weedon L.Calleja K.Brown 3x SCORERS ELITES

THURSDAY 15/11/18
6:30 WC Cobras v Hornets J.Hannel C. Holebrook J.Kakouris S.Kakouris