2023 – Season One – Registration

Welcome to our 2023 – Season One Registration Page.  Here you will find details on the Competitions and Registration Fees along with instructions on how to Register and the link to start your registration.

PLEASE NOTE: We have moved our Registration and Competition Management to a new online platform called BASKETBALLCONNECT.  We believe this platform will provide a better competition management experience for us and for you. Please do not try to register via Game Day as we no longer use it. User Data from Game Day has been imported into BasketballConnect enabling you to claim your existing Game Day profile to use in BasketballConnect (see Registration Instructions below).

Information & Fees

(turning 19 or older this year)

Senior Competition – $170
includes: Season Registration & Game Fees

(turning 10 to 18 this year)

Junior Competition – $80 
Season Rego.  No Game fees.

Juniors playing Seniors
Must be 13 years or older
exemption may be requested
(Comprising Season Rego – $80 &
Upgrade Fee to cover Game Fees – $90)
covers participation in both Junior & Senior Competitions

Note: Juniors may play up in a 2nd and a 3rd Division at no additional cost e.g. An U12 player may play up in U14 and U16.

Under 10s Skills Development Program

‘Minnies’ (turning 5-6 this year)
(turning 7-9 this year)

Season Rego – $40

Under 10 Playing up in Under 12s
For Children turning 7 to 9 this year
Upgrade Fee – $40

Basketball Queensland (BQ) Registration is required for all products above (What do my BQ Fees Cover?)
If you do not have current BQ rego you will be required to pay $35.50 for annual registration (valid for 365 days from payment).
All registrations are to be completed online via BasketballConnect
All fees are exclusive of transaction fees


To assist us in setting up our competitions and preparing the season fixtures it would be greatly appreciated if players could register as soon as possible.  We are hoping to receive most of the player registrations by:
 30 January 2023 

The committee thanks you in advance for your support.

Fair Play Voucher Holders

There is no special registration process for Fair Play Voucher Holders.   Holders of a Fair Play Voucher should proceed with registration until they reach the Checkout Page.  This is the page which details the selected divisions and the fees applicable.

At this point Fair Play Voucher Holders should click on the ‘Government Voucher’  link on the checkout page.  This will allow selection of the relevant Government Voucher (e.g. Qld Fair Play) and allow the entry of  the voucher number.   Successful completion of this step at checkout will amend the amount owing to a $0.00 balance.

The Association will redeem the Voucher and on receipt of the funds from the Qld Government will complete the member registration.  Basketball Qld will then withdraw any monies owed for BQ membership.

Junior Player Jerseys for all U12/U14/U16

All players in the U12, U14 and U16 competitions will be required to purchase the new MABA Junior Playing Jersey.

These are available for purchase from the Stadium for $30.

Players will be required to wear black shorts


In order to register to the new platform, users must do the following:

Step 1 – Click on the Registration Button at the bottom of this page to proceed to the registration form. The link will open BASKETBALLCONNECT in a new window.

Step 2 – Select New User – Register.

Step 3 – Select New Participant Register.

Step 4 – Enter all details such as participant’s name/email/DOB (must be same as GameDay).

Step 5 – To claim your existing BQ profile you must put in the exact same name (no middle names), DOB, email and mobile number (as was initially used in Game Day to register) – If you are unsure of the details you provided on a previous Game Day Registration, please email us at admin@maryboroughbasketball.com and we can help you.  If your details are exactly the same a prompt will appear on the screen asking you to be sent either an email or SMS code to claim your profile.

Step 6 – Choose the Membership options that are applicable.  If registering to play ensure you choose the BQ Associate Option which will enable the 2023 Winter Season Divisions that you can select from.

1. If you wish to play up in other divisions (higher age group) please ensure you select the ‘play up’ options e.g. Juniors playing in Seniors;  or Juniors playing in 2nd age division; or Juniors playing in 3rd age division; or Marvels playing in Juniors.  NOTE:  If registering a Junior to play in a 2nd and 3rd age divisions you must ALSO choose the primary division you are registering for e.g. U12 PLUS  Playing in a 2nd Division.  This way you will pay your season rego and the playing up fee will be $0.00.   For Juniors playing Seniors or U10 playing in U12 you can just select these options as your season fee and upgrade fee are included. 

2. Please be aware than any valid discounts (e.g. Fair Play Vouchers or Current BQ Membership, etc) will not show up until you reach the final checkout screen.

3. Your BQ membership must be valid for the entirety of the season.  For more detail see this article – Why am I charged the BQ Membership Fee Again – Basketball Queensland)

Step 7 – Answer the additional questions to complete your registration.  Enter a response in each of the text fields.

Step 8 – You will then be taken to the checkout screen which will detail the divisions and fees applicable for your selected registration options.  Please check this carefully to ensure you have selected your divisions correctly.  By proceeding you will be taken to a payment gateway.  Qld Fair Play Voucher Holders should click the Government Voucher link on this page to proceed with Voucher registration.

Step 9 (optional/recommended) – Download the BasketballConnect app and login with your registration details to follow your teams. Users should automatically follow the team they are registered in.

To follow other teams/divisions
*   select live scores icon
*   search for Maryborough Basketball
*   search for desired team
*   select follow that team.

Download the BasketballConnect App