2022 – Season Two – Registration

Information & Fees

(turning 19 or older this year)

Senior Competition – $170
includes: Season Registration & Game Fees

Other Registrations

Wheelchair Basketball Participant – $0

Qld Govt ‘Fair Play’ Sports Voucher
(covers 2 seasons up to $75 per season; BQ rego not included)
 $5 season top up fee

(turning 10 to 18 this year)

Junior Competition – $80 
Season Rego.  No Game fees.

Juniors playing Seniors
Must be 13 years or older
exemption may be requested

(Comprising Season Rego – $80 &
Upgrade Fee to cover Game Fees – $90)

Under 10s Skills Development Program

‘Minnies’ (turning 5-6 this year)
(turning 7-9 this year)

Season Rego – $40

Under 10 Playing up in Under 12s

For Children turning 7 to 9 this year
Season Rego – $40
Upgrade Fee – $40

Basketball Queensland (BQ) Registration is required for all products above
(except Wheelchair Basketball Participant).

If you do not have current BQ rego you will be required to pay $35.00 for annual registration (valid for 365 days from payment).
All registrations are to be completed online.
All fees incur online transaction costs of approximately 4%.



It is important that you use the correct Registration Form for each registration in different age groups.  

Please review the registration options below and select the correct form for your registration need based on the DATE OF BIRTH of the player.

Use of incorrect forms will result in overpayment, underpayment or no payment at all.   You WILL  have to use different registration forms to make registrations in different age groups. 

If you have any questions about these Registration Options please


 Our Registration Help Desk will be in touch to provide assistance.

Team Registrations

  1. Teams for the Senior and Junior 18 & Under Competitions may now register online.
  2. Teams for U12/U14/U16 will be formed at a Team sorting afternoon to be held at the Stadium on Friday 15 July.
  3. We are using Google Forms to capture Team nominations.  To register your team go to:



Alternately you can download  WORD and PDF Versions of Team nomination Forms.  These need to be completed and emailed to admin@maryboroughbasketball.com


Seniors & Juniors

  1. This registration form can be used for both Senior and Junior Registrations.
  2. Senior Registrations are for adults aged 19 or older
  3. Junior Registrations are for children turning 10 -18 this year.
  4. This form should NOT be used for Juniors who want to play up in Seniors (see Juniors playing up in Senior Registration Option below).
  5. This form should NOT be used to register children who are turning 5-9 this years (see Mini/Marvels Registration below or Marvels Playing Up in U12 Registration below)
  6. Multiple Senior and/or Junior registrations can be made using this form.

Juniors Playing Up in Senior Competition

  1. This registration form can be used to register children who are aged 13 to 18 years in BOTH the Junior and Senior Competition.
  2. Note the Senior Season Fee is applicable and covers participation in both Competitions.
  3. Multiple Junior Playing Up in Seniors registrations can be made using this form.


  1. This registration form can be used to register children in the Minis/Marvels (U10 Skills Development) Program.  Children who are turning 5-9 years of age this year are elegible.
  2. Children turning 5-6 this year will join the Minis.  Children turning 7-9 will join the Marvels.
  3. This registration form is NOT to be used if you also want your child to play up in the Junior Under 12 Competition in addition to participating in the Mini/Marvel Program.  (see Marvels Playing up in U12 Competition below)
  4. Multiple Mini/Marvel registrations can be made using this form.

Marvels Playing Up in Junior U12 Competition

  1. This registration form can be used to register children who are turning 7-9 years of age this year in the Junior U12 Competition in addition to the Mini/Marvel Program
  2. The Mini/Marvel Registration Fee and an Upgrade Fee applies
  3. Multiple Mini/Marvel registrations can be made using this form.

Fair Play Voucher Holders

  1. Use this link if you have a Qld Government Fair Play Voucher.   A Fair Play Voucher can be used for both the Junior and Mini/Marvel programs.
  2. Clicking the button below will open a contact form enabling you to contact us with details of your Voucher.  A member of the Association will be in touch to process your Voucher.
  3. Note that the Voucher value of $150 can be applied to two Seasons up to the value of $75 per season.  Where a Voucher is used for Junior Registration a small top up fee will apply to  complete the Junior Registration.

Wheelchair Basketball Participant

  1. This Registration Form enables Wheelchair Basketball Participants to register with the Maryborough Basketball Association.
  2. This is an administrative registration only and no fees are charged.   Wheelchair participants will still need to register separately with Wheelchair Basketball and hold Basketball Qld registration both of which are done via your parent organisation.

Register Yourself in a Non-Player Role

  1.  This Registration Form enables registration by non-players for non player roles e.g. Volunteer, Official, Referee, Coach, etc.
  2. Players have the option of registering for non-playing roles on their specific registration form (Players do not need to register on this form)
  3. This is an administrative registration only.  No fees are charged.
  4. When registering DO NOT Select Player on the Registration Form (you will be charged Junior or Senior player fees!)
  5. You may select one or more of the non-playing roles.