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Question 2

Do you wish to start a NEW Registration using a
QLD GOVT ‘Fair Play’ Voucher ? *


* If you registered using a Fair Play Voucher for the 2021 Winter Season (last season) you should email us to confirm your Voucher remains current and that you wish to play again this season.  Once we have that confirmation we will manually update your registration for the 2021 Summer Season.

If you are using a NEW Fair Play Voucher please select the Yes I have a Voucher button below. 

If you answer Yes to this question you will be taken to instructions on how to proceed to register with a Fair Play Voucher.
See here for more information on the Qld Government’s Fair Play Voucher

If you answer No to this question you will taken to further questions to determine your eligabilty for either the Junior Competition or the Under 10 Program.