You are Registering as a Player

You are a Junior

You do not have a ‘Fair Play’ Voucher

You are 13 years or older and want to play in SENIOR
competition  for the  2021 Winter Season

Your registration will cover you to play in both the Junior and Senior Competitions


Season Information

Your Fees to participate as a Junior in the Senior Competition are:

Junior Season Registration: $75

Upgrade to Senior Competition: $85

Total: $160

Basketball Queensland (BQ) Registration is required.  If you do not have current BQ registration you will be required to pay $33.20 for your annual registration.  BQ registration remains current for 365 days from your payment.

All fees incur online transaction costs of approximately 4%.

Season Key Dates:  

Junior:  Commences Friday 16 July 2021

Senior: Commences Tuesday 13 July 2021

By proceeding with registration I acknowledge that I have read the Maryborough Amateur Basketball Association’s Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.