2021 Summer Season Registration Start Page

Summary of  Registration Fees & Products 

(turning 19 or older this year)

Senior Competition – $160
includes: Season Registration & Game Fees

Other Registrations

Wheelchair Basketball Participant – $0

Qld Govt ‘Fair Play’ Sports Voucher – $0
(covers 2 x seasons; BQ rego not included).

(turning 10 to 18 this year)

Junior Competition – $75 
Season Rego.  No Game fees.

Juniors playing Seniors
Must be 13 years or older
(exemption may be requested)
Season Rego – $75
Upgrade Fee – $85

Under 10s Skills Development Program

‘Minnies’ (turning 5-6 this year)
(turning 7-9 this year)

Season Rego – $35

Under 10 Playing up in Under 12s
For Children turning 7 to 9 this year
Season Rego – $35
Upgrade Fee – $40

Basketball Queensland (BQ) Registration is required for all products above
(except Wheelchair Basketball Participant).

If you do not have current BQ rego you will be required to pay $33.20 for annual registration (valid for 365 days from payment).
All registrations are to be completed online.
All fees incur online transaction costs of approximately 4%.

To ensure that we direct you to the correct Registration Form for the category of registration you need, we will step you through a simple Registration Process.

This process will ask you one or more questions and your responses will help us determine what Registration Form and Products are appropriate for your registration requirement.  

Don’t worry… It’s easy and should only take a few minutes of your time.

NOTE:  If you want to register several individuals (i.e. a family unit)  who fit into different categories  – e.g.  Under 10s  or  Under 10 Upgrading to U12   or  Juniors playing in Senior, etc; you should go through this process separately for each category of registration. 

Do Not try to register everyone on the same form as this will result in underpayments or overpayments.

If you only want to register as a volunteer or official; or you are a Wheelchair Basketball participant wanting to register with the Maryborough Basketball Association, you do not need to undergo this process – you can simply click one of the smaller buttons below.

If you want to register as a Player – Let’s Begin

If you experience any difficulties in registration; or you have questions about the registration process you may contact us by email at admin@maryboroughbasketball.com and we will help you through the process